Quality Service By Professional Mechanics


With over 50 years in the industry, Holmbury St. Marys Garage LTD offers a wide range of services to cover all your cars needs. Including servicing, general repairs, bodywork, diagnostics, pre-MOT work, air conditioning, thread repair, welding, insurance work and even smart repairs!

Taken over in September 2017 by Mr Nigel Osborne, a successful business man, Holmbury St.Marys garage has had a lot of time and money invested into it to ensure only the top quality of services.

Our mechanics are trained specialists with over 20 years experience and well respected in the area. But don’t take our word for it, see what our regular customers think….

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Quality Service By Professional Mechanics







Smart Repairs


Quality Service By Professional Mechanics

Oh gosh, statues should be raised to honour people like this. Over the years I have seen everything in there from a Sinclair C5 to a Ferrari Testarossa. If it has, or has in the past had, wheels, Mike will fix it or tell you why it’s destined for the big carpark in the sky – and if he says so, it really is so. Usually he will fix it, and if you are a regular he will do drive-by minor repairs. Gold stars all round. Modern equivalent of the village blacksmith.


This garage is first class ! A real mechanic that does an excellent job and for a reasonable price. He is an old fashioned enthusiast where he takes real pride in his job and treats his customers with great respect. Nothing seems too much trouble and he was able to fix “easily” something that a specialist garage could not or did not know how to do. I will not now go anywhere else !

Mrs S Gardener

I can not speak highly enough of this garage and Mike. He picks my car up in the morning and drops it off at night and always fixes it (and takes my car for its MOT too). If he can not fix it, he knows a man who can (ie. when my sunroof blew off!). He really is a gentleman and, as the others have said, 10/10 is not high enough. Exceptional. Please don’t ever retire!


I agree with all the others who have praised the garage, particularly Mike – always ready to help, even if I just drive in with a problem (eg the time an electric window jammed down in a rainstorm). This is really how a village garage should be.


As others have said: Mike is a minor deity.

Or maybe a major one. In any case he knows cars inside out and back to front.

Alan Brown

Mike at Holmbury Garage is one of the last of a dying breed. The work he does is first rate, he is friendly, scrupulously honest, infinitely capable and a true gentleman. I have been using Holmbury Garage since I first passed my test and can’t rate him highly enough.